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Prayers and Best Wishes!

Our Prayers and best wishes for all effected by the fires at Fort McMurray, Alberta!

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Awesome city

Many developments are taking place in the awesome city. There is a plan by the Municipality to upgrade Downtown area. In just a few years we will see a new look of Downtown. http://www.citycentremcmurray.com/

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Archie in FortMcMurray

I was just wondering if Archie , Veronica and d Riverdale gang ever visited  beautiful Fortmcmurray?

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Winters at Fort Mac

Was at Fort Mcmurray for 2 months in late summer. Thought might attend the Fort Mcmurray winters but God Willingly missed it. Best wishes to all my friends and acquaintances at Fort Mcmurray !

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Today 22nd Ocbober, 2013

Fort McMurray today…!

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Fort Mac today!

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