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    Welcome here...!

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All about Fort McMurray!! A Resource for the young, the seniors, the entrepreneur! Together we make it happen...!

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For the children at Fort McMurray

Kids can come and enjoy this section. They will find lots of resources here. We have put stuff for them in broadly 2 different ways. One, the facilities and regular programs for them to enjoy and two, events as they come along and happen! So kids, forward this page to your friends and peers so that all of you ARE ON THE SAME PAGE! ENJOY!

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Especially for youth at Fort McMurray!

Youth, this section is for you. Feel free to surf this for resources in the city and look for newer stuff! Be ON THE SAME PAGE with your friends! Let the stuff keep in the best of shape and style! Stay Safe. Submit us your articles, ideas and news for the city. We'll love to put it on the website. What else will be like to see here?...Pls let us know!

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For all of us, me and you at Fort McMurray

All around Fort McMurray! With our diverse and rich culture, vibrancy in the city, with our beautiful landscape from Timberlea in the North to Gregoire in the South, this is to connect us all! And all our families and friends. With your help, we can make this Fort McMurray resource better. We look forward to your views, ideas and articles...! Email us at ksfortmc@gmail.com

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